Housebuilder Media’s comprehensive list of the products and materials that are essential for your new build project


BIM and Beyond

July 6, 2017

Steve Menary looks at the take up of Building Information Modelling in the housebuilding industry and where it could be heading. He talks to companies who are helping the digital future of construc...

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Open Houses

July 6, 2017

Tim Palmer reports on the flooring and walling systems that are cost effective, time saving and help contribute to an energy efficient building envelope, not forgetting the importance of good acous...

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Inside Out

June 7, 2017

Chris Windle steps outside into gardens, balconies and other spaces to discover how these areas can set the tone of a property and be practical as well as beautiful

Innovative insulation

May 3, 2017

Insulation plays an important role in boosting the energy efficiency of a home. Tim Palmer speaks to the companies aiding the "fabric first" approach

Taking the heat

May 3, 2017

Whatever heating system housebuilders choose to install it should be reliable as well as energy efficient. Chris Windle looks at systems that tick these all-important boxes as well as exploring tre...

Water features

May 3, 2017

Steve Menary looks at the systems that mitigate flooding on sites, in particular sustainable drainage systems and the challenges and advantages they present, as well as other rainwater management s...