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New workers research confirms need for industry to step up on skills

July 5, 2017 Comment

HBF director of external affairs John Slaughter looks 
at new research on migrant workers in the UK construction industry which confirms that the work of the...

Trudi Stewart, Cullen product manager at ITW Construction Products

Revolutionising attitudes to housebuilding

July 5, 2017 Comment

Trudi Stewart, Cullen product manager at ITW Construction Products, argues that the time to act on modern methods of construction is now – the stars are alig...

Richard Jones

A paradigm shift in housing delivery

July 5, 2017 Comment

Richard Jones, partner at Arcadis, looks at the changing residential model of the housing associations towards a multi-tenure world that could thrive in the ...


Housing still the focus despite election surprise

July 5, 2017 Comment

HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley analyses the implications of the result of the general election for the housebuilding industry and finds that policies...

Andrew Orriss

The future of housebuilding starts now

June 8, 2017 Comment

Andrew Orriss, head of business development at SIG360, argues that it is important to look to the future …but not too far ahead. We need to explore the devel...

Johnny Morris

Examining the new build premium

June 8, 2017 Comment

Johnny Morris, research director at Countrywide, looks at the new home premium – how long does it last on a home and are developers getting better at buildin...

Ben Roskrow

Not all doom and gloom for SMEs

June 7, 2017 Comment

It certainly has been the year to talk about the plight of the small and medium sized housebuilder. If analysis alone could solve the problem of the decline ...

David O'Leary

Big housebuilding targets mean big political decisions

June 7, 2017 Comment

HBF policy director David O’Leary examines how increasing new homes supply has moved up the agenda among the main political parties. But what would actually ...

Richard Jones

JVs can ease problems with HA new build homes

June 7, 2017 Comment

Richard Jones, partner at Arcadis, looks at recent stories about quality challenges for housing associations as their multi-tenure model develops, and sugges...