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Paul Smith

Trying to find the right balance

April 2, 2020 Comment

After the UK’s recent flooding experiences, Paul Smith, managing director of the Strategic Land Group, looks at the challenges local authorities face

David Grace 2

Focusing on fabric first

April 1, 2020 Comment

David Grace, sales director for Keystone Lintels, considers the importance of adopting a fabric first approach, in light of the proposed updates to Part L 2020

Guy Higgins

Ombudsman is an opportunity for the industry

April 1, 2020 Comment

Guy Higgins, managing director of Leicestershire-based housebuilder William Davis Homes, looks at the latest proposals for a new homes ombudsman

Aylesworth Fleming

Copywriting drowning in a sea of sameness

April 1, 2020 Comment

Pete Hardy, creative director at Aylesworth Fleming, laments the state of copywriting in the industry – it’s time to drop the property clichés

Keeping calm and carrying on

April 1, 2020 Comment

Nick Sutcliffe, director at communications consultancy BECG, says the industry must, and will, adapt to the new normal that will come after coronavirus

Richard Jones

The impact of the sustainability agenda

April 1, 2020 Comment

Arcadis partner Richard Jones looks at how the government’s focus on sustainability may impact the residential sector and the targeting of investment money

Ben Roskrow

New chancellor the key as housing climbs the power ladder

March 4, 2020 Comment

Ben Roskrow wonders whether the high turnover of housing ministers matters to the industry as much it used to

Richard Jones

A year of Boris, Hackitt and affordable homes

March 4, 2020 Comment

Arcadis partner Richard Jones reveals the outcome of a detailed survey of the firm’s clients and peers, aimed at identifying the key issues of 2020


Collaboration, compromise and communication

March 4, 2020 Comment

HBF's Stewart Baseley says that close collaboration with government is essential to realise the ambitions of both the industry and politicians

Rob Kendal

Engagement in action

March 4, 2020 Comment

Rob Kendal, managing director of Tamdown, considers the importance in 2020 of engagement with customers, employees and beyond