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Ben Roskrow

Good design is in the eye of the beholder

March 6, 2019 Comment

Ben Roskrow looks at the debate over new homes design

David O'Leary

Stamp duty success hinders calls for reform

March 6, 2019 Comment

David O’Leary delves deep into recent stamp duty statistics and finds a tax that has successfully hit the government’s goals


Reasons to be positive

March 6, 2019 Comment

Stewart Baseley takes heart from the engagement of the next generation as they seek to mould the future of the industry

Richard Jones

The changing market dynamic

March 6, 2019 Comment

Richard Jones says that the uncertainty of Brexit plus the natural economic cycle mean that tougher times may be coming.

Robert Lee

The joy of sharing

March 6, 2019 Comment

Robert Lee, head of real estate at DAC Beachcroft, looks at a growing trend for co-living schemes

Mark Wadsworth

Creative safety leadership in housebuilding

March 6, 2019 Comment

Mark Wadsworth, construction director at Tamdown, considers health, safety and wellbeing within our housing sector

Perry Miller

New approaches in changing times

March 6, 2019 Comment

Perry Miller, partner at Newgate, argues that urban developers have to adjust to changing attitudes

Damon Culbert

SMEs vs large enterprise: Brexit bothers for the construction industry

Feb. 28, 2019 Comment

Damon Culbert looks at the potential effects of Brexit and whether SMEs may suffer more than the larger firms

James Bush

Running down the clock

Feb. 26, 2019 Comment

James Bush says that housebuilders need to improve their customer care before the ombudsman is introduced

David O'Leary

The evolution of housing policy and politics

Feb. 6, 2019 Comment

David O’Leary, HBF policy director, looks at the history of housebuilding and politics