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Suzie Mayes

Changing times on a local and national level

July 3, 2019 Comment

The local elections have added yet more uncertainty for some housebuilders, says Suzie Mayes

Emma Thomas

Plenty of room for housing policy in race for PM position

July 3, 2019 Comment

Emma Ramell, HBF’s policy and public affairs adviser, looks at what the housebuilding industry could expect under a new prime minister

Ian A Proctor

Cost-effective compliance for big challenges

July 3, 2019 Comment

Iain Fairnington, technical director of the A Proctor Group, says that the industry must concentrate on cost-effective solutions, not cutting costs


Engaging with the environmental agenda

July 3, 2019 Comment

The industry has a chance to take a proactive approach to the environmental agenda, says Stewart Baseley

Richard Jones

Local authority outlook

July 3, 2019 Comment

Richard Jones, partner at Arcadis, looks at the opportunities and obstacles for local authorities seeking to play a bigger role in housing delivery

Ben Roskrow

Time to adapt to a world of change

June 5, 2019 Comment

Ben Roskrow explores the HBF's call for industry to change

David O'Leary

Lessons from Japan could be lost in translation

June 5, 2019 Comment

HBF policy director David O’Leary asks what can we learn from Japan’s housing market and its home building sector?

Andrew Howard

Social change demands housing innovation

June 5, 2019 Comment

Changing attitudes and new family forms require innovative thinking on new homes, says Andrew Howard

Robert Lee

Innovative responses

June 5, 2019 Comment

Robert Lee, head of real estate at DAC Beachcroft, looks at the future for new homes

Richard Jones

Locational cost differences

June 5, 2019 Comment

Richard Jones, partner at Arcadis, delves into the costs of schemes in Birmingham and London