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Suzie Mayes

A united front against the challenges ahead

July 4, 2018 Comment

Suzie Mayes looks at the importance of moving ahead as a united front during a time of relative calm


Devolution – the changing shape of England’s political governance

July 4, 2018 Comment

James Stevens, HBF’s director for cities, looks at the effect of gradual devolution in England. Changes suggest a shift in power when it comes to housing policy


The need for flexible thinking on developer contributions

July 4, 2018 Comment

HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley says that government proposals to change the system of developer contributions are flawed

Ian Fairington - Proctor

Pushing the envelope

July 4, 2018 Comment

Iain Fairnington, technical director of A Proctor Group, looks at how the industry can improve on the building envelope with the many challenges the sector f...

Richard Jones

Uncertainty in Brexit year

July 3, 2018 Comment

Arcadis partner Richard Jones looks at the factors besides Brexit that may lead to fewer, not more, homes

Rebecca Eatwell

Do we need to change the conversation around housing?

July 3, 2018 Comment

Rebecca Eatwell, Newgate managing partner, considers whether it is time to look at the housing crisis in a different way

Simon Gentry

The state of Labour after the local elections

June 6, 2018 Comment

Simon Gentry, partner at Newgate, advises housebuilders to keep an eye on the political make–up of local councils following the elections

Andrew Orriss

Mind the performance gap

June 6, 2018 Comment

Andrew Orriss, sales director of SIG Distribution, discusses the performance gap - how do we ensure that homes are built to the standards promised?

David O'Leary

Political musical chairs reveals increasing importance of housing

June 5, 2018 Comment

HBF policy director David O’Leary argues that Sajid Javid’s promotion to home secretary and his replacement at MHCLG is another sign that housing has arrived...