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Ben Roskrow

New trends as Covid-19 changes the market

April 8, 2021 Comment

Housebuilder editor Ben Roskrow looks at how Covid-19 is changing both the way housebuilders build and design new homes and the way they market and sell them

Richard Jones

The pandemic is driving collaboration

April 8, 2021 Comment

Richard Jones of Arcadis says that the past year has seen increased interest among private and public sector bodies in joint ventures and collaborative schemes


The new lockdown: neutralising nutrients in new development

April 7, 2021 Comment

HBF director for cities James Stevens looks at the issue of excessive nutrients flow into wetland areas which is leading to serious delays in housebuilding

Matt Fleming

Buy a canary and follow Eisenhower’s advice

April 7, 2021 Comment

Matt Fleming, residential property consultant to Aylesworth Fleming, says that the advice of a former US president is invaluable in charting the path ahead

Guy Higgins

Selling houses in the time of Covid

April 7, 2021 Comment

Guy Higgins, managing director of William Davis Homes, explains how the pandemic has changed the way the firm markets and sells its houses

Andrew Howard

Social value – the carrot or the stick?

April 7, 2021 Comment

BECG md Andrew Howard argues that embracing social value could minimise community opposition to development

Ben Cheetham

Fabric first key to meeting Part L

April 6, 2021 Comment

Ben Cheetham of Keystone Lintels welcomes the government’s recent response to Building Regs Part L and explains why a fabric first approach is critical

Liam McAvoy

The post-pandemic home

April 6, 2021 Comment

Liam McAvoy of Hyperoptic reveals the results of detailed research into what impact the pandemic has had on the design of the modern home

Charis Beverton

More questions than answers from building safety announcement

March 4, 2021 Comment

More funding for building safety is welcome says Charis Beverton, senior associate at Winckworth Sherwood, but we need more detail

Ben Roskrow

Covid and green agenda bring change

March 3, 2021 Comment

Ben Roskrow sees some radical changes for new homes ahead due to the pandemic and the road to net zero