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With 25-plus years of experience and expertise, Greenbelt Group is the UK’s leading specialist in the Long-Term Stewardship of green infrastructure on new residential developments.

We provide sustainable management and maintenance solutions, with in-house experts specialising in on-site biodiversity, BNG compliance, sustainability, SuDS, and much more.

In tandem with our Delivery Team’s optimisation of green open spaces, which we ultimately adopt, our early input for housebuilders is matched by long-term aftercare and value for money for homeowners, with placemaking focused on community enabling.

Responding to the needs and aspirations of housebuilders, homeowners, and many different stakeholders is as important to us as developing a deep understanding of the management requirements of green spaces.

Custom-built and industry-leading technology assists and complements our on-the-ground work and elevates the quality of our services above all others.

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