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The housebuilding industry is facing Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) legislation that brings challenges in planning, costs and the economics of new projects – but also the trailing risk of 30 years of biodiversity gains and monitoring. 

It is vital that solutions to BNG and the trailing risks are found, otherwise housebuilders will be blamed for failures and fines, if open spaces are mismanaged or left in the hands of unwitting homeowners.

In its recent report, the Competition and Markets Authority highlighted such issues and the large sums housebuilders could be asked to pay for LPA adoption. It also pinpointed the need for structures to protect the best interests of homeowners.

How can Greenbelt help?

On-site BNG requires professional specialists and Greenbelt is experienced in managing sensitive habitats, traditional Public Open Space (POS) and amenity landscape features – while facilitating community engagement to ensure homeowners understand the role of multi-functional Green Infrastructure (GI).

With 25-plus years of expertise, it has been in the vanguard of identifying challenges and providing workable solutions.

In fact, when Greenbelt, housebuilders, land stewards, planners and communities work together, we move from the worst possible outcomes to the best . . . and, right now, Greenbelt has new management models that are tried, tested and ready to go.

To discuss POS and biodiversity solutions, and a positive future for housebuilding, contact Lee Carter, National Sales Director at Greenbelt Group: or 07967044148.

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