HBF Planning Conference 2017

20 September, 2017

HBF Planning Conference Agenda

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Local authorities should still “go for growth” – DCLG

Local authorities can still “go for growth” under the government’s proposed methodology for assessing housing need, according to Steve Quartermain, DCLG’s chief planner.

Speaking at HBF’s Planning Conference in Birmingham today, (September 20) Quartermain said that those local authorities whose housing numbers would decrease under the proposed model could still increase their numbers, and forge deals with other councils. “We’re still projecting 260,000 homes per year through this.”

Quartermain outlined the details of the government’s proposals within its consultation paper – Planning for the right homes in the right places, based on the Housing White Paper. This included the keenly awaited standard methodology for calculating local authorities’ housing need, with the proposal of capping figures at 40% above the authority’s annual requirement as set out in their local plan.

On the consultation’s neighbourhood planning proposals, Quartermain said that local plans did not have to be in place before neighbourhood plans. “It’s a right for people to have neighbourhood plans.”

He also said that the government’s “four-point plan for tackling the housing market” – planning the right homes in the right places; building homes faster; diversifying the market and helping people now - would help SMES “into the market and people who need the houses.”

Quartermain also said that by spring 2018, the industry should see a revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Also speaking at the conference, James Stevens, HBF’s director for cities, warned that the emergence of devolved cities would create “a new layer of governance between the NPPF and local plans”. Whilst local mayors were settling into their roles, local plans could be delayed.

“My message for the industry is – we will support local agendas, but they shouldn’t be at the expense of local plan making,” Stevens commented.

Other speakers included Penny Simpson, partner – planning & environment at Freeths, who highlighted environmental legislation changes in light of Brexit and increased attention on air quality. Tom Curtin, ceo of Curtin & Co, gave advice on how developers should engage politicians and communities, and Michael Kiely, chairman of the Planning Officers Society, talked of the challenges that local authorities face.


Andrew Whitaker
Planning Director, HBF
David Lock
Strategic Planning Adviser, David Lock Associates
James Stevens
Director for London and devolved cities, HBF
Michael Chang
Chartered Town Planner, TCPA
Penny Simpson
Lead Partner for Environment, Freeths LLP
Tom Curtin
Chief Executive, Curtin&Co
David Hill
Professor David Hill
Chairman, The Environment Bank
Michael Kiely
Michael Kiely
Chairman, Planning Officers Society
Steve Quartermain
Steve Quartermain
Chief Planner, MHCLG


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