Vaillant’s vSMARTTM is an intelligent control and mobile app, which allows homeowners to remotely control their home heating and hot water.

The control has been specifically designed to offer homeowners convenience and energy savings, and is compatible with all current Vaillant ecoTEC domestic boilers.

Its key features include the ability to store multiple heating profiles, which allows homeowners to have individual comfort settings for the heating and hot water levels. vSMARTTM also has inbuilt weather compensation technology which adapts energy  usage to outside conditions. Over time, it also adapts to users’ living habits – when they are at work, what time they get home - altering its output accordingly to reach desired temperatures at the right time. As with all Vaillant products, efficiency is at the forefront of its design, and vSMARTTM ensures only the minimum amount of energy is ever used to reach the desired temperature.

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