Ultra 3 from JDP



Quick installation, sustainability and compliance is the focus of the ULTRA3 range of underground sewerage pipes. Ranging in size from 100/110 to 300/315mm and suitable for both house drainage and adoptable sewers — ULTRA3 is the ultimate underground drainage sewer system.

Made from at least 40% recycled PVC, this lightweight solution will reduce transport cost and carbon footprint. Easy to hand and quick to install — ULTRA3 is a great choice for reducing the environmental impact of your project.

ULTRA3 provides a direct connection to PPIC and AXEDO® inspection chambers meaning you won’t have to purchase any adaptors and an integral seal inside the pipe quickens installation time — saving you time and money.

All ULTRA3 pipes have a stiffness of SN8 and are classed as a ‘structured wall’. They are certified to BS EN 13476-2:2007 standards (Kitemarked), whereas the fittings are certified to BS EN 1401-1:2009. The two can be used together to comply with local authority requirements.

Size range 100/110 mm to 300/315 mm


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