Hybrid inverter and energy storage system by GL


Recent changes to building regulations including Part L, Part O, and Part S are seeing the housebuilding industry undergo some of its biggest challenges in decades, with developers embracing the changes by installing air source heat pumps and solar PV. By adding a hybrid inverter and battery storage, the benefits and potential of solar is largely increased.

GL have developed Grid Buddy, a range hybrid inverters designed to meet the challenges of the new-build market, helping developers ensure a smooth transition to battery storage.

Grid Buddy is a highly efficient, hybrid, bi-directional inverter; meaning it converts DC to AC power and AC to DC, releasing the power as the utilities require. Coupled with 5.12kWh battery storage, renewable energy from solar can be stored and used outside daylight hours. Homeowners can also utilise off peak tariffs to top up the battery overnight, a function that not all hybrid inverters have.

The inverter can be installed by existing electrical sub-contractors with no requirement for specialist installers. It is a 3.6kW hybrid inverter, meaning it can charge batteries from solar at a rate of 3.6kW. Being bi-directional, it can charge and discharge batteries at a rate of 90A (the fastest on the market for this size of the inverter).

Grid Buddy is coupled with 5.12kWh batteries, which can be wall mounted or stackable. The system is expandable, capable of having up to 16 batteries with one inverter.

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