GL: Sleek, Smart, Electric Powered Air Source Hot Water Cylinder


When we hear the phrase "air source," we are likely to think of an air source heat pump. However, there is a product designed specifically for heating hot water, which does not require a full heat pump.

GL has introduced an air source hot water cylinder as part of their E-home range, which has received an A+ energy efficiency rating.

For many properties the inclusion of an air source heat pump is not feasible, where outside space is limited, or for aesthetics. However, to achieve the necessary SAP ratings while minimising build costs, an air source hot water cylinder can be a good alternative, especially when combined with infrared heating.

An air source hot water cylinder houses an integral compressor which draws in outside air through vents which is compressed, thus creating heat. The heat is then transferred to the water tank. The hot water cylinder has a rapid heat up time, holiday, eco and boost modes.

When considering build costs, the air source hot water cylinder can be installed by a professional plumber without the need for any specialist support or maintenance.

Various tank volumes are available for different sized homes including 200L for two to three bed properties and 250L for four to five bed properties. An 80L tank will be introduced later in the year, specifically designed smaller homes and flats.

The cylinder can be installed in various internal locations, only requiring ducting to an external wall a maximum of five metres away.

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