Gaia Climate Solutions Ltd

Gaia Climate Solutions

Gaia underfloor heating is a smart and cost-effective solution to bringing luxury into your home. Our systems fit seamlessly anywhere in your home, allowing you to experience one of life’s hidden comforts. At Gaia, we understand the feeling of a warm home. That’s why we strive to ensure that you’re given the complete solution to each individual project, so you can enjoy that warm comfort all year round.

Our systems are designed to last as long as the building in which they are installing and that is why we’re confident providing you with a 20 year guarantee on our mats and cables.

Our philosophy revolves around providing a professional service, using the highest quality products and tailoring each design to each individual project. With over 25 years experience pioneering total underfloor heating solutions across the UK and Ireland; Gaia offers you the luxury of a comfortable warm floor all year round.

Gaia specialises in the design, supply and installation of both electric and wet underfloor heating systems.  With a wide range of underfloor heating solutions, we at Gaia can advise and design the most suitable system for you, whether it’s a refurbishment, new build project, tiled or timber flooring; providing a professional service from initial project stage through to project completion. So confident of our product performance we offer a warranty and after-sales service.


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