Why stocking Superglass makes sense


Superglass is a long-standing name in insulation. And right now, their glass mineral wool products make more sense than ever.

The pressure’s on to build much-needed homes that are both energy-efficient and sustainable to safeguard our future – and the key is using the right insulation. 

Glass mineral wool is one of the most sustainable products on the market, being made from up to 84% recycled glass, re-using valuable materials that would otherwise go to landfill. And in use it not only reduces energy bills, but during its lifetime it typically saves over 300 times the energy used in making and transporting it. But the main reason it’s so popular is its excellent performance.

Thermally, Superglass easily meets the low U-Values required by Building Regulations. Acoustically, the glass fibres trap sound just as they do air, creating a more comfortable environment. And it has the highest possible rating – Euroclass A1 for fire protection. 

Superglass makes economic sense, too. The flexible rolls and slabs are designed to fit between standard wall ties, joists or timber stud spacings, reducing waste and making installation highly cost effective.

To find out more about why Superglass makes so much sense, visit www.superglass.co.uk

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