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From clothing our children to building our homes, we have a natural desire to protect. But the buildings that protect us also need protecting. TN International is a global materials manufacturer offering solutions to protect the whole building envelope, with a range of over 3000 products covering waterproofing, insulation, shingles, liquid products and accessories.

Although a multi-national business with manufacturing bases and innovation centres across the world, TN International is able to integrate its diverse products seamlessly, using joined-up thinking to create effective solutions. Its products not only minimise heat loss and reduce energy consumption, but are also created in a greener way – using advanced technology and repurposing of waste materials during manufacture as part of the company’s commitment to the environment.

These principles are collectively known as TNOLOGY, an all-encompassing approach defined as ‘the science of building optimisation’. And this holistic attitude also enables TN International to focus on its belief in the value of service, to offer customers world-class service, wherever in the world they build.

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