Marley: A full roof system for housebuilders

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Ahead of the Future Homes Standard in two years’ time, sustainability continues to be a central focus for housebuilders. 

The growth in renewable technologies has already seen an increase in the specification of solar PV on new build homes. However, for housebuilders, further benefits can be realised by transitioning to full roof system specification, rather than procuring individual components.

The strategic decision to specify a complete roof system, from a single manufacturer, not only gives a clear line of accountability, but it also provides the peace of mind that all products have been designed and tested to work together seamlessly.

Marley’s full roof system is one of the most comprehensive on the market. It includes JB Red battens, underlay, clay or concrete tiles, fixings, accessories, fire barriers, and integrated solar panels with Marley SolarTile®. A tried and tested solution, Marley’s SolarTile® offers tangible reductions to household carbon emissions.

Safety first with ArcBox

The Marley full roof system has been further enhanced with the introduction of ArcBox, solar connector enclosure. While the risk of electrical fire caused by solar PV on roofscapes is extremely low, Marley’s ArcBox has been designed to further enhance safety standards across all types of solar roof installations as its specification accelerates.

With performance and durability at its core, the Marley full roof system comes with the added reassurance of a 15-year warranty that guarantees exceptional system performance for the long-term.

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