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Innovation in materials and manufacturing enables complex brick detailing with offsite quality from IG.

IG offers a technically advanced, offsite solution for an extensive range of brick slip installations including arches, panels, soffits and architectural features.  The IG Brick Details range, which consists of Brick Feature Lintels and Lightweight Brick Headers and Sills, enables intricate brickwork detail to be carried out in a factory controlled environment.

Offering a bespoke design service, IG’s engineers develop unique solutions to complicated brickwork over openings.  Every Brick Feature Lintel is manufactured bespoke to order, ensuring that each individual unit is customised according to the unique size, shape and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Each Brick feature unit is produced using exactly the same brick from the main project in factory controlled conditions, offering a greater deal of certainty for the visual quality compared to brickwork built on site.  This eliminates the need for a specialist brickwork contractor spending hours onsite, cutting bricks to suit complicated structural openings. The finished Brick Feature Lintel joins seamlessly with the surrounding brickwork.  

For more information on Brick Feature Lintels or to avail of IG’s free design service contact or speak to a member of the technical team on 01633 486 486


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