Hi-Therm+ Lintels - The low-cost solution to reducing carbon emissions


With a further uplift in energy efficiency standards expected with the next release of Part L, the challenge for manufacturers is to provide merchants with innovative product solutions to assist housebuilders in meeting these ever more stringent energy ratings in a cost effective manner. Products such as Keystone’s Hi-therm+ Lintels offer a cost effective solution to lowering carbon emissions and improving the building fabric.  The innovative patented design of the Hi-therm+ Lintel, utilises a rigid polymer thermal isolator as an effective thermal break, but incorporates a steel inner and external leaf so it is installed in exactly the same way as a standard lintel. The use of this unique Hi-therm+ lintel, in place of standard steel lintels, can lead to an 80% reduction in thermal bridging through the lintel. By making these large savings on thermal bridging, housebuilders gain the flexibility to trim back on other more expensive options (such as wider cavities) yet still comply with the latest building regulations.


For more information on Hi-therm+ Lintels call Keystone’s technical team on 01283 200 150 or visit keystonelintels.com/hi-therm-lintels/


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