FIXED COST to Final Surface and Guarantee Adoption


JLES Post Build Adoption (PBA) Estate Completion Service allows developers to transfer the risk and responsibility of achieving adoption of a site’s roads and sewers to JLES immediately upon finishing the last plot. This benefits housebuilders by reducing costs associated with on-site overheads, accelerating the achievement of adoption and keeps internal resources focused on new sites. JLES provide an all risk, FIXED FEE to undertake the final surfacing and associated site completion works, including liaising with the Water Company, Local Authority, residents and other stakeholders thus removing the hassle and risk from our clients. 

Benefits Include:

  • Fixed fee to satisfy all adoption obligations. (Legal issues, streetlights, final surfacing, inspections, street name plates, white lining etc.)

  • Immediately terminates ongoing site overheads after last plot completion.

  • New homeowners feel valued and are assigned a dedicated point of contact.

  • Risk transfer of costs and responsibility (All Risk Fixed Cost).

  • Reduces bond overrun costs.

  • Eradicates future and unknown adoption costs.

  • Reduces exposure to claims for personal injury and vehicular damage.

  • Improves new homes buyer experience and satisfaction scores.

  • Original civils contractor and contra-chargeable works identified.

  • Housebuilder internal resource focused on new sites.

  • Enables our clients to keep existing supply chain and contractors focused on new sites. 

The PBA service was developed to enable JLES’ specialist expertise to be employed at an earlier stage in order to mitigate against the costs and hindrances of rectifying defective work several years after the site was originally final surfaced. 

What Our Clients Say: 

“Using JLES to finish off our sites is now a no-brainer and has really helped us improve efficiencies and general homeowner satisfaction.” 

 “JLES PBA allows us leave site early and focus on our core business of building houses whilst leaving JLES, as the experts, to final surface and achieve adoption.” 

 “We have not incurred a bond overrun charge on a single scheme whereby we engaged JLES to deliver their PBA service.”  


JLES PBA (Estate Completions) Won Best Business Product at Housebuilder Product Awards in 2019 and 2017. 

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