Recreate natural beauty with Forticrete’s reconstituted walling stone

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Setting the standard for aesthetics and performance, Forticrete’s high quality reconstituted walling stone replicates the rustic appearance of natural stone, for a fraction of the price.

Specified by developers looking to meet local planning requirements, without compromising on quality or visual appeal, the Anstone and Shearstone ranges effectively reflect the look and feel of Britain’s most iconic natural stone.

Constructed of carefully selected blends of locally sourced natural aggregates and pigments, Forticrete’s unrivalled reconstituted walling stone features a through-colour construction that is combined with surface finish blends.

To support developers in ensuring their properties are a natural extension of the surrounding landscape, Forticrete’s Walling Stone is available in three unique finishes, Split, Pitched and Cottage.

The most cost-effective option, Split, has a versatile texture that lends itself to all property types, whilst Pitched features a raised centre typical of quarry dressed stone. Cottage boasts a rough, irregular shape, which replicates traditional stone in its quarried state.

Designed to reflect the rural aesthetic of natural stone found throughout the north of the UK, Anstone is available in a range of authentic colours, including Olde Heather Black, Borders Red and Regency Buff.

Supporting developers in effortlessly reflecting the local vernacular for southern developments, Forticrete’s Shearstone range features popular shades including Light Ham, Ironstone and Cherwell.

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