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H+H Celcon Blocks Solar Grade enhance the inherent thermal performance of aircrete, offering a product that builds super thermally efficient homes with extremely low U-values.

H+H Celcon Blocks Standard Grade are already highly thermally efficient, however the H+H Celcon Block Solar Grade prioritises combatting heat loss even more. With a compressive strength of 2.9N/mm H+H Celcon Block Solar Grade has a thermal conductivity of just 0.11 W/mK. In comparison, dense aggregate blocks typically exhibit thermal conductivity of 0.70 – 1.30 W/mK.

H+H Celcon Blocks Solar Grade have the added benefit of being sufficiently loadbearing for two storey buildings and can be used below a damp-proof course.  

Eaton Homes recently used H+H Solar Grade Blocks on a luxury development in Cheshire. One of their top priorities was to build homes with enhanced thermal performance and improve the U-value of each building.

With rising heating costs, homes that offer advanced thermal efficiency are in demand and part of the reason for using H+H Solar Grade Blocks was to make the properties as desirable as possible to homebuyers.

Nigel Critchley, Site Manager for the Eaton Homes development, remarked, “The quality of the blocks is excellent, which has allowed us to achieve a great end result. Most of the first phase of homes were sold before completion and all are now occupied. We are now looking ahead to the next phases, which will be just as successful.”

To find out more about H+H aircrete products, visit: www.hhcelcon.co.uk

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