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Build houses quicker without compromising on materials or performance. H+H Vertical Wall Panels are storey-high panels of aircrete that offer the speed of offsite with the familiarity of a traditional build.

Vertical Wall Panels are used to form the inner leaf of external walls, separating walls and internal partitions as appropriate. They are fabricated offsite and craned into place for a fast, panelised building system with the reassuring characteristics of a high-performance masonry structure.

When combined with prefabricated timber floors and a prefabricated roof system, Vertical Wall Panels provide a system-build solution that can construct the superstructure of a house from foundation to roof within five days onsite. This provides a watertight and airtight shell for follow-on trades to move into straight away. 

The benefits of aircrete apply as much to Vertical Wall Panels as to other H+H aircrete products ensuring proven durability and high acoustic, thermal and airtight performance.

This method of building is an ideal Modern Method of Construction which is recognised by the NHBC and is part of the NHBC Accepts scheme.

For more information visit www.hhcelcon.co.uk/Vertical-Wall-Panels or call on 01732 880 111 to discuss your next housing project.

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