H+H is participating in a project trialling different methods of meeting the energy performance required by the Future Homes Standard.

Project 80 is Midland Heart Housing Association’s scheme to provide a blueprint for the UK’s future homes. Masonry construction was chosen for the first phase of the project which aims to build 80 homes that meet or exceed the 2025 Future Homes Standard. This will require a reduction of 75-80% in carbon emissions over current Building Regulations.

The project aims to meet the energy efficiency standards required by Future Homes by a combination of extremely high fabric efficiency and low carbon heating.
H+H was happy to participate in the project, always having maintained a “fabric first approach” to energy efficiency. H+H aircrete blocks help create efficient, airtight structures that can enhance the performance of energy saving technologies like underfloor heating and air source heat pumps, the latter of which were used in most of the first 12 of Project 80’s homes.

The first 12 masonry-built homes are now complete and will test different material and technology combinations. The performance of the homes are to be monitored by Birmingham City University who will investigate which combination(s) result in the most efficient homes.

Amos Rodrigues, the H+H representative working on Project 80 is clear about the company’s objectives. “We see aircrete as the building material for sustainable, resilient modern homes and are delighted to be involved in a project planned to provide accurate data allowing different materials and methods of build to be accurately compared.”

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