Housebuilder flagpole range from Harrison EDS


At Harrison EDS, we stake our reputation on the design, quality and engineering of our flagpoles. We ensure every flagpole, standard or bespoke, has been designed to the highest standard and engineered using the best data available.  

Our range of flagpoles for the housebuilding sector include our standard flagpoles, available in aluminium or glassfibre, our deluxe flagpoles, available in aluminium, and our executive flagpoles, available in glassfibre. We are also able to meet bespoke briefs for custom flagpole manufacturing and installation projects. 

Across the industry, standard flagpole wall thickness is between 1.5mm and 2mm. However, at Harrison EDS we ensure that all of our flagpoles are manufactured to a 2.5mm thickness as a minimum standard. This ensures our flagpoles are some of the strongest available on the market, with maximum flag flying windspeeds calculated in accordance with Eurocode standards to provide our clients with peace of mind.  

Our high-quality flags and flagpoles are perfectly suited for housebuilders looking to install eye-catching branding at their developments. You can find out more about the range of solutions we provide for housebuilders right across the UK here.

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