GL: Multi-sensor alarm for extra safety in homes with energy storage systems

GL-P214 10yr combi alarm2

GL have been designing and manufacturing safety alarms for over a decade. New for 2024 GL are proud to launch a multi-sensor smoke and heat alarm for homes with battery storage, drawing from our knowledge in this area.

With the loft becoming a plant room for batteries and inverters in new-build homes, the mains-powered multi-sensor smoke and heat alarm with a hard-wired control switch ensures optimum safety without the homeowner needing to enter the loft.

The next-generation alarm includes in-built dust and thermal compensation enabling higher tolerance of dust levels within the chamber to help prevent false triggering during construction. A mesh insect shield also prevents false triggering from insects within the alarm chamber.

Using a lithium battery instead of a 9-volt battery extends the alarm's product life to 10 years. In 2024, GL is implementing 10-year batteries across all smoke and heat alarms.

The alarm control switch, powered by mains electricity and thus not dependent on replaceable batteries, links up with the multi-sensor alarm, along with other smoke and heat alarms installed throughout the property.

The alarm control switch enables the homeowner to easily test, locate and silence alarms at the touch of a button.

Anthony Ottway, MD of GL “Our knowledge of safety alarms has led to the creation of the multi-sensor alarm and alarm control switch, which contributes towards developers achieving safe, carbon-zero homes. It goes without saying that safety in homes with battery storage is now a priority, and we’re proud to add the multi-sensor to our range".

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