LAND360 from Fera Science: A service to support Developers with BNG planning

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Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is a way of measuring, monitoring, and mitigating the impact of a development on biodiversity. It’s based on the idea that if development is going to happen, it should be done in a way that mitigates the impact on the local community and surrounding landscape.

From November 2023, BNG will become mandatory for new developments agreed under the Town & Country Planning Act (TCPA). This will require developers to calculate the level of biodiversity on a site before development begins, and then ensure that the new development results in a net gain in biodiversity of at least 10%. This must be maintained for 30 years.

This can be achieved through creating places for people and wildlife, such as:

·       Creating new habitats for wildlife

·       Creating green spaces for local communities

·       Selecting plants that encourage biodiversity and pollinators

·       Planting new trees and plants

·       Implementing sustainable drainage systems


How can Fera help?

Fera Science understand the importance of science in helping house builders meet sustainability and BNG targets.

Their team of experts can provide a range of services to support developers by using habitat assessments, ecological surveys, and biodiversity offsetting.

Fera’s LAND360 is a land-assessment service that helps businesses assess biodiversity and natural capital using remote sensing technology, spatial analysis, mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Combining this information with insight from Fera experts can help housing developers meet regulatory requirements while enhancing the natural environment.

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