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How can Fera help Navigate BNG Requirements?

At Fera Science, we understand the importance of science in helping house builders meet sustainability, BNG, and carbon reduction targets. Our team of experts can provide a range of services to support developers in their efforts to enhance nature and biodiversity, including habitat assessments, ecological surveys, and biodiversity offsetting.

In 2022, Fera launched LAND360 – a land-assessment services that helps businesses assess biodiversity and natural capital.

LAND360 uses remote sensing technology, spatial analysis and mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map and assess farm and estate land for biodiversity and natural resources. Combining this information with insight from Fera experts allows opportunities for land use to be identified. This is helping futureproof businesses while also helping them prepare for policy change.

This technology has recently been applied to the housing development sector which is helping meet regulatory requirements while also promoting a culture of net zero and enhancing the natural environment.