SiteStak: A Safer Way to Cut Underground Drainage Pipes


Over one thousand building sites across the UK have now adopted the SiteStak System as a safer way to store, transport and cut below-ground drainage pipes. The innovative SiteStak workstation stores a quantity of drainage pipes in the back and has compartments for the different fittings on the front. This provides adequate storage for several days’ worth of drainage installation.

One of the most important features of the SiteStak workstation is the pipe cutting bay. With a specially designed saw guide and pipe clamp, this provides the groundworker with all they need to make safe and accurate cuts to drainage pipe. This allows workers to maintain a comfortable standing position while cutting at an ergonomic height.

See a full demonstration of the SiteStak workstation in this video:

“SiteStak has raised the bar and sets the tone for a very tidy and organised site. SiteStak has transformed the site compound and has given our guys the tools they need to manage materials safely and efficiently on site. It’s a no-brainer for us and our client is impressed.”

Scott Carr, Health & Safety Manager, Harringtons Builders

“Using SiteStak improves traffic management, reduces waste and damage and helps control your valuable stock. With a built-in workstation sizing, cutting and chamfering pipe are made easy. Your fittings stay safe and you can see your stock levels.”

Rick Theaker Grad IOSH, Managing Director

For more details on the SiteStak System visit:

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