With a unique sound reduction system and comfort glass, Dakea’s new Ultima roof window is the smarter choice. Available with an industry leading 20-year guarantee, Ultima sets a new standard in quality – at a highly competitive price.  

Incorporating two methods of noise reduction technology: airborne sound insulation and impact sound insulation, the unique combination of a toughened 6mm thick external pane, two layers of sound absorbing foil and cladding with noise absorbing tape reduces the volume of both external noise and impact sound by half.  

The glazing construction, which shields against ultraviolet (UV) light, reflects 95% of harmful UV rays.  With U-values as low as 1.2 W/m2K, the innovative roof window keeps properties cool during the summer and warm during winter, reducing household energy bills. 

Self-cleaning, a titan dioxide coating on the windowpane breaks down organic materials allowing it to be washed away by rainfall - ensuring easy maintenance for homeowners.  Plus, alongside the window’s 20-year guarantee, there is a lifetime warranty against hail damage, providing customers with the upmost confidence in their purchase.

Carl Lucid, Key Account Manager GBI - Housebuilders at Dakea said, “The Ultima window is proof that you can achieve high quality at a cost effective price.  Our latest addition to the Dakea range has undergone stringent testing and we are so confident in its performance that it comes with an unrivalled 20-year guarantee. 

“Supplied with free installations accessories, including underfelt foil collar and insulating foam collar, we have ensured that installing the Ultima roof window is a quick and hassle-free process.” 

With more than 75 years’ experience in roof window design, manufacturing and innovation, Dakea is part of the world’s largest roof windows manufacturing company, VKR Group. 

For more information on Dakea Ultima please visit: www.dakea.co.uk

Dakea Ultima

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