Daikin Altherma DHW Heat Pump: Superior Hot Water Comfort

Daikin Altherma DHW heat pump

Introducing the next generation of domestic water heat pumps! The Daikin Altherma Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump is a real game-changer for the residential market. Unlike standard air-to-water heat pumps, it is designed to provide only domestic hot water, not space heating.

How does it work?

The system consists of a single indoor unit that extracts energy from the air to provide hot water for domestic use. The unit collects up to 60% of its energy in the air, while the rest is provided by electricity. The air-to-water heat pump stores hot water in an enamelled steel tank with a condenser and external jacket for safety and hygiene.

Remarkably quiet

With a sound power of 51dB(A) indoor, and 44dB(A) outdoor, it is one of the quietest domestic hot water heat pumps on the market.

Easy installation

The Altherma DHW Heat Pump can be installed in any room, including non-heated areas like garages and laundry rooms. No special work is required, except for holes for the air intake and exhaust pipes.

Need to know

  • Available in 200 litre and 260 litre versions
  • Anti-legionella cycle
  • Programmable digital interface with TOUCH keys
  • Integrated solar thermal control
  • Integration with Photovoltaic Solar system
  • Can take advantage of low energy tariffs
  • Appropriate for SAP assessment

The Daikin Altherma DHW Heat Pump is an ideal choice for homes with electric immersion heaters, and can replace or upgrade the existing hot water system to a more efficient, sustainable solution.

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