Stewart Dalgarno

Director of Product development, Stewart Milne Group

Stewart has been with the business for 36 years and has a depth of knowledge that comes from growing his career within the company. Starting as an Apprentice Draughtsman and working his way up to Director level Stewart is regarded as a fountain of knowledge by colleagues across the business.

He is responsible for research and development across the Group focusing on the introduction of new products, processes and materials, which includes offsite construction, lean site assembly, digital working, BIM, low carbon homes and advance offsite timber building systems.

Stewart's innovative thinking has seen him recognised by the industry as an R&D champion, and he is proud to have delivered several award-winning projects and led AIMC4 and AIMCH, two of the sectors largest multi-million-pound collaborative housing projects. Run in partnership with Innovate UK, government and key sector stakeholders. His values of entrepreneurship and transformational change encourage him to push for positive change, both company-wide and industry-wide.

When Stewart takes some time away from planning 'what's next' for the business, he is an avid golfer and played at a British Amateur level, winning ten club championships. He credits golf for helping him to focus and get the job done - no matter how challenging it becomes.