Matt Fleming

Matt Fleming

Executive Chairman, Aylesworth Fleming

Matt Fleming has spent most of his forty years in the advertising and marketing industry specialising in residential property. He founded specialist agency Aylesworth Fleming in 1985 and helped to make it one of the best-known names in its field. During his 30 or so years at the helm, the agency worked for just about all of the UK's top 20 builders. After the business was sold to Inside Ideas Group in 2016, he was persuaded to return as Executive Chairman, reflecting the determination of the newly named AF OLIVER to remain at the forefront of residential marketing and communications. He still has a grand passion for housebuilding and continues to advise at the highest level, most recently, his ‘MarketCast’ podcasts have become a must-watch for builders up and down the country.

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June 7, 2023

Matt Fleming looks at life after Help to Buy, and urges the industry to be innovative in finding ways of filling the gap left as the scheme ends