justin webb

Justin Webb

Presenter of the Today programme on BBC Radio Four and the Americast podcast

After serving as BBC North America Editor, Justin Webb joined the team of

presenters on Radio 4’s influential Today programme. He now interviews the great

and the good and those making the day’s headlines - alongside Mishal Husain,

Martha Kearney, Amol Rajan and Nick Robinson.

In the US Justin covered all the twists and turns of the 2008 Presidential election

which saw a little-known Illinois senator become the country’s first black

Commander-in-Chief. Justin continues to observe the American political, social,

and economic climate, assessing the often-dramatic events on Capitol Hill, Wall

Street and Main Street. As well as becoming a senior member of the White House

press pack, he was the first British journalist to be granted a full television

interview with President Obama.

Prior to his Washington posting Justin reported from Brussels as the BBC’s

European Correspondent. He has also covered elections in Australia, a coup in the

Maldives, the dying days of the Soviet empire, and Mafia trials in Italy. And as well

as various overseas postings, he has anchored Breakfast News and The World


Justin now spends his mornings grilling British politicians and newsmakers on the

agenda-setting Radio 4 programme. He’s also an extremely assured conference

chair and awards host, and a wonderfully engaging speaker on everything from

Brexit to Trump. After dinner he uncovers the truth about America and Americans

(as in his books Have A Nice Day and Notes on Them and Us) – and has great fun

demonstrating some of the differences in interviewing styles between ‘Old’ and

‘New World’ journalists. He has also published a memoir of the nineteen seventies

entitled The Gift of a Radio, which the Sunday Times called 'fascinating and hugely