Jenny Herdman

Jenny Herdman

Director of Home Building Federation Skills Partnership, HBF

Jenny joined the Home Builders Federation (HBF) in August 2016 to lead the Home Building Skills Partnership (HBSP)

Prior to joining HBF she undertook a variety of skills roles across the public and private sectors. Formerly at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills she led the team advocating employers collaborate together on the skills development of their collective workforce. Within the National Apprenticeship Service, Jenny encouraged large employers to grow their involvement in Apprenticeships and developed their capabilities to manage Skills Funding Agency direct grants and Ofsted inspections.

Jenny was a member of the 2012 independent apprenticeship reform team, and has stayed involved with trailblazer and levy policy development and implementation since that time.

Previously she has held a Talent Management role in the retail sector which included developing an employer apprenticeship programme and also taught Business Studies in a FE college.