David Craddock

David Craddock

Director, Elite NuGEN Homes & Elite Offsite

David has been in property development and investment for over 25 years but since 2005 he has travelled extensively across Europe researching and subsequently utilising different forms of offsite manufacturing systems. During this time he built over 1000 units including large school buildings, student accommodation and blocks of flats along with high value single houses, terraced and semi-detached houses all using Advanced Closed Timber Panel systems.

In 2018 he set up Elite NuGEN Homes, to capitalise on his knowledge of offsite manufacturing systems and property development across the South East.

David incorporates as many offsite manufactured products as possible to maximise the PMV (pre-manufactured value) of each one and in doing so has increased the efficiency of the build and reduced his overall program by 25%.

He has a unique partnership with Travis Perkins to supply all of his building materials in conjunction with his funding bank which has allowed him the time to concentrate on improving the house building process and delivering zero/low carbon houses with energy bills 75% less than when using ASHP’s or traditional heating and hot water systems.

He has his own 10,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility, Elite Offsite Ltd, that produces timber frame buildings for his own developments and also for third party clients. He has an innovation centre there where he shares his knowledge and use of MMC products with other developers and contractors so that they too can build better, build greener and build more efficiently.

For his regeneration of the former Ordnance Yard in Gosport he has been nominated/finalists in numerous awards with the Royal Institute of Town Planners, Sunday Times Awards, and Housing Design Awards, UK Construction Week as well as many PR articles in Industry Magazines. He was a founder member of The Passiv Haus Trust and has been championing environmental/sustainable building systems and the utilisation of innovative products for many years.