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Ultrapanel – Leading the Roofing Revolution

Build the best ‘room in the roof’ with Ultrapanel – a totally new precision engineered NHBC Accepts and BBA Certified system, created to meet the demands of volume residential developers that eradicates the risks of site delays and delivers verified fire, weathertight, thermal and structural performance every time.

Ultrapanel systems are precision engineered in one unitised hybrid panelised solution to maximise the material properties of structural steel and timber elements integrated with a high-performance insulated core.

Our patented connecting system delivers first-time precision and reduces the risk of poor workmanship and costly defects. Ultrapanel systems are Health and Safety friendly, arriving as a palletised kit of parts, with no supervision or cranes required for unloading.

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All Ultrapanel systems are fully BBA Certified and NHBC Accepts. As a new technology, we believe it is vitally important to offer assurances to volume housebuilders that our systems are not only fit for purpose but are independently certified for structural and building performance.

  • Structural performance assured

  • Thermal performance assured

  • Fire performance assured

  • Condensation risk mitigated

  • Durability assured – 60 year lifespan

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Designed, precision engineered and offsite manufactured to order, Ultrapanel systems  allow you to accelerate your build schedules and eradicate the risk of site delays. With lead times of just two weeks, Ultrapanel systems arrive flat packed ready to build when you are, without the use of a crane which can cause disruption across your site.

  • Two week lead time

  • Just-in-time delivery

  • No crane required

  • Rapid weathertight building envelope

  • Flat packed to minimise site waste

  • Installed by a team of three in one day

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Delivered just in time as a complete kit of parts including all components and fixings at a pre-agreed price, Ultrapanel systems also reduce the cost associated with onsite delays and storage as well as eliminating onsite waste and associated disposal costs.

No costly delays:

  • Can be fitted in any weather

  • Delivered just in time

  • Two week call off

Site costs minimised:

  • No waste disposal

  • Fitted in one day without the need for specialist skills

  • No onsite storage

  • No expensive cranes

  • Fitted in one day

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With a long and illustrious history spanning back to 1983, we have perfected precision offsite manufacturing producing glass roofing systems where there are zero tolerances and no margin for errors. Utilising world class manufacturing principles, Ultrapanel systems are precision engineered in one unitised hybrid panelised solution ready for easy installation onsite.

  • The patented connecting system delivers first-time precision fit and reduces the risk of poor workmanship and costly defects.

  • Specialist in-house design software ensures each Ultrapanel system delivers dimensional accuracy with assured precision and performance.

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The specialist Ultrapanel team offers continuous support from the first enquiry to the installation through dedicated customer care and onsite teams.

  • Design support to adapt existing house types

  • Liaison with architects on future house designs

  • Comprehensive training for installers

  • Dedicated onsite training team

  • Site surveys and specification support

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