Construction connectivity expert, UK Connect


Construction connectivity expert, UK Connect, is ramping up its efforts to supply some of the country’s biggest housebuilders and developers with unrivalled on-site wireless solutions.

With the proliferation of 4G LTE, and the emergences of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, coming into play, the company wants to ensure construction sites are in a position to take full advantage of this super-fast tech. Specifically, its engineers can resolve common issues, including lag and connection interruptions, delivering high-quality, super-fast and ultra-reliable internet speeds.

As evolving technology continues to shape the modern construction site through increasingly sophisticated data-heavy AI, IoT and video drones, UK Connect is looking to lead the way and supply forward-thinking housebuilders and developers with the very best in connectivity, to enable the future of construction tech.

Fundamentally, this will allow them to work more proficiency and efficiently, even improving worker safety. For more information on how you can harness cutting-edge technology and connectivity, call 0333 015 4689 or visit:


UK Connect

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