Hydropave Tegula Solving SuDS Requirement for Housebuilders - from Tobermore


Hydropave Tegula is an attractive SuDS solution from Tobermore designed to combat potential flooding issues. As the government introduced new planning guidelines in April 2015 for the incorporation of SuDS on any new housing development with more than ten units, this product is the perfect solution to meet this requirement.

The product, like the entire Tobermore Hydropave range, is designed to allow rainfall to infiltrate naturally into the ground and thereby prevent flooding. It also serves to effectively remove pollution gathered on impermeable surfaces as it’s usually carried in rainwater runoff.

Hydropave Tegula offers endless benefits for housebuilding projects. It not only increases the likelihood of planning proposals being approved, but it can also offer a 10-15% cost saving over traditional drainage method such as pipes or manholes. It is also possible to install the product in adverse weather conditions due to the superior drainage capabilities.

The aged, vintage aesthetic of Hydropave Tegula is beneficial in the sales and marketing of housing projects, as the exterior appearance of a property has become just as important to new home buyers as the interior.

Like all Tobermore products, Hydropave Tegula is produced with the best iron oxide pigments available on the market to create the beautiful product colours. This also ensures that the colours retain their vibrancy for years to come.

Hydropave Tegula has been installed on a variety of housing projects across the UK, including Westpoint Homes award-winning developments, Barronsfield Grange in Newton Mearns, Thorngrove Park in Bearsden and Salterns Reach in West Sussex. .

See Tobermore Hydropave Tegula here.


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