SafeSite: Seven ways to use concrete blocks


Moulded Concrete Legato™ - or ‘Lego’ - blocks can be used as a modular building method providing superior strength and stability for a number of construction purposes.

Like their ‘Lego’ namesake, concrete Legato™ blocks fit easily together and can be stacked, taken apart, and reassembled to create almost any design.

As the concrete blocks can be reused time and time again they are a very sustainable building solution.

Here are seven ways to use concrete blocks in construction:

  1. Structural walls – interlocking concrete blocks are a flexible, low cost building method for interior or exterior walls
  2. Crash safety – concrete blocks provide a strong barricade that can withstand heavy impact loads, and collision protection.
  3. Retaining walls – using concrete blocks is a quick and easy way of building a retaining wall to hold back soil during landscaping projects. As there is no reinforcement inside the blocks they provide a strong and long-lasting solution.
  4. Silage storage – concrete blocks are a flexible method of building silage pits to store animal feed and manure on working farms.
  5. Flood defence – constructing a solid, long-lasting barrier of modular legato blocks provides protection against the damaging effects of flood water by
  6. Fire breaks – concrete blocks not only provide stability they are also one of the most reliable and fire-resistant construction methods, ensuring the safety of any occupants.
  7. Security barriers – precast concrete walls can be installed quickly and easily around a site perimiter to prevent unlawful intrusion and to restrict access, offering robust site protection.
Most concrete blocks, such as those supplied by SafeSite Facilities, have cast-in lifting pins, so that they can easily be moved around and positioned on site using lifting loops and a fork lift or telehandler.


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