iTWO costX: all-in-one system that combines 2D, BIM & flexible estimating spreadsheets


iTWO costX helps residential builders save time & costs, reduce complexity & errors, and increase compatibility & flexibility with an all-in-one system that combines 2D, BIM & flexible estimating spreadsheets. This means users can manage all their takeoff & estimating data within the one program.

Simply load in your plans (be they scanned, PDF, CAD, or even BIM), click to measure around the plan, then apply costs and create detailed estimates and reports. Templates can also be set-up for different house types, with zone functionalities also available to help with development phases. When the build commences, costs can be reconciled against the original budget, ensuring that estimates are more accurate than ever before.

In addition, iTWO costX have recently launched their embodied carbon calculator, where embodied carbon rate libraries, such as EC3 and RICS, can be used in combination with intelligent functions to calculate the embodied carbon of multiple building components. With this, iTWO costX allows for both cost estimating and embodied carbon accounting in the same program, creating a world-leading 6D BIM solution that enables residential builders to lead the way in sustainability. Housebuilders can comply with government mandates and provide recommendations on material and design considerations that can reduce emissions.

Be sure to contact our sales team today to learn more about how iTWO costX can help transform your estimating.

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