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Bees and butterflies have been in the news for the wrong reasons with many species suffering serious decline, but introducing sustainable mowing techniques is likely to have a beneficial effect for our natural habitats. POS Landcare take transfer of open space and amenity areas within new housing developments and aim to promote the highest standards in biodiversity maintenance.

All too often in the past bees have suffered when the clover-filled lawns they had been feeding on are mown removing the hive’s food supply in an instant. By reducing the mowing frequencies in suitable areas the clover will be able to provide nectar for the bees for longer. Similarly, butterflies need a variety of flowers to feed on and with a more considered approach those plants will have a chance to flower before the strimmer and sprayer appear.

Mark Halsall, Senior Development Manager for POS Landcare, said “Biodiversity and local wildlife is becoming of greater importance to developers and homeowners. As well as using the latest technology and practices which look to manage and promote ecological practices, we are also members of Rewilding Britain – a national network which promotes the benefits of sustainable rewilding. Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is becoming an important consideration within planning policy and through our own land holdings we are able to accommodate off-site offsetting for developers. We are happy to advise clients on best management practices for their open space as well as assist with any BNG needs.”

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