Lunar, Marshalls’ groundbreaking concrete paver


Lunar ® is an innovative, contemporary addition to Marshalls established concrete paving portfolio, representing the next generation of concrete paving. It offers a versatile range of granite-inspired blends tailored to the diverse needs of both commercial and domestic markets.

Lunar's ®  uniqueness is rooted in the integration of two cutting-edge technologies. The first is the MaxiMix® Technology blended layer, which enhances durability and UV resistance by embedding a high-density aggregate layer onto the product's surface. The second is a patented colour application process, imparting each paving block with a distinct, natural aesthetic that mimics the subtle variations of natural granite.

Nicole Bennett, Marketing Manager for Landscape Products at Marshalls, emphasizes Lunar's ®  exceptional features: "Lunar ®  is a modular paving solution that offers a unique aesthetic, unlike anything on the market. Our patented colour application system creates a distinct finish for every block, ensuring a natural look without compromising on sustainability."

Ideal for both pedestrian and vehicular use, Lunar ®  is available in a variety of sizes and colours: Ice, Rosa, Silver Dust, and Shadow. Its modern, smooth finish with pencil-chamfered edges is perfect for contemporary designs that demand both innovation and timeless appeal.

Sustainability is at the core of Lunar's ®  design. Manufactured in Britain with locally sourced aggregates, Lunar minimizes carbon impact in production and delivery. The combination of MaxiMix® Technology and patented colour technology ensures longevity, reducing the need for premature replacements and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

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