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Reducing energy consumption and futureproofing homes has never been more important which is why Keystone continues to innovate. Its award-winning Hi-therm+ Lintel has upgraded insulation, delivering a 20% improvement in thermal performance, ensuring it leads the pack when it comes to construction sustainability.

Faced with the challenge of enhanced energy efficiency within SAP, housebuilders need to address thermal bridging in all its forms. While there are a number of design options available to boost efficiency, few offer the impact and cost efficiency within SAP of the Hi-therm+ Lintel.

Furthermore, its pre-fitted insulation now comes with a higher content of recycled material. The already impressive thermal performance translates as an improvement in the overall junction Psi values of up to 15%. It remains the ideal low cost and sustainable solution for specifiers aiming to achieve building regulations with the fabric first approach.

The Hi-therm+ Lintel uses a patented combination of a polymer isolator and galvanised steel to bond the internal and external walls together. The polymer isolator provides a powerful thermal break in the lintel and virtually eliminates this key thermal bridge.

Unlike a two part lintel solution, Hi-therm+ offers the simplicity of a one piece, structurally superior top hat design creating stability during the building process. Hi-therm+ lintels are also available in the same lengths, sizes and loading capacities as the standard range of lintels.

Winner of the Housebuilder Best Building Fabric Product 2023, the Hi-therm+ lintel continues to have a significant impact on the thermal efficiency of homes and is specified on many projects around the UK due to its improved performance in lowering carbon emissions within SAP and significant build cost savings.

To find out more about Hi-therm+ visit Keystone Lintels

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