Protect Your Housing Project from Noise Pollution


As the world becomes more densely populated, residents often can’t escape harmful noise. Noise pollution has been linked with chronic stress, hypertension, diabetes and even heart problems. How can housebuilders limit the damage it causes?

Noise barriers, such as quality acoustic fencing, absorb unwanted sounds, protecting inhabitants from health risks. Jacksons Fencing’s acoustic solutions can reduce noise pollution by up to 32 decibels, making them essential for new developments around schools, commercial properties and busy roads.

For one customer in Faversham, 76m Jacksons’ Jakoustic® Reflective barrier successfully reduced the noise from industrial machinery and HGVs, minimising the site’s impact on both residents and the environment.

Jacksons Fencing’s timber Jakoustic® barriers come with a 25-year guarantee, combining reliability and superior quality with stunning design. Jacksons’ UK-made premium-quality fencing limits noise damage whilst protecting the environment and safeguarding the health of residents. 

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