Peace and Quiet with Acoustic Fencing


Noise pollution was a key concern for an Annington development in north London, which was modernised to cope with the ever-growing demand for housing in the capital.

The developer’s vision was to bring new life to local communities; however, the additional 80 homes were situated near a busy road, shops, restaurants, and industrial properties. The noise had to be mitigated to protect the residents.

Jacksons Fencing provided an effective acoustic solution. Jakoustic® Reflective fencing was installed, reflecting noise away from the site while enhancing privacy. A residential feel was achieved through the natural timber façade and bespoke timber clad steel I-beams, which gave the appearance of a regular garden fence.

Jacksons’ acoustic fencing solutions have a wide range of applications, from housing and schools to transport and retail. Handmade in the UK, they guarantee excellent performance, sustainability, and security, inspiring years of enjoyment. 

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