Latest Product Innovations from ITW Construction Products Offsite

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Gang-Nail Truss Frame*

ITW Construction Products Offsite, using their proven method of Customer-Back Innovation and listening to market challenges, created a brand new industry solution – Gang-Nail Truss Frame.

Known as the innovative alternative to traditional timber frame walls, Gang-Nail Truss Frame recently won the 'Best Brand New Product' in the Housebuilder Product Awards 2022. This new solution is a system of standardised wall elements made offsite, that combine into larger modules on-site. The wall elements are made up of timbers pressed together at the joints using Gang-Nail nail plates.

*Patent Pending

New application for UZ Clip

ITW Construction Products Offsite’s Cullen UZ Clip is a multifunctional connector that now has an additional application with a detailed system to transfer load from buttress walls into the floor diaphragm. The great features and benefits for the UZ Clip is that it is suitable for supporting noggins in various applications and the adjacent noggins can be aligned without clashing, making this a truly flexible innovative solution for great housebuilding.

New application for TA Valley Truss

ITW Construction Products Offsite’s Cullen TA (Truss Anchor) can be used in valley truss applications, to connect a valley truss to the supporting truss below.

There are fantastic features and benefits with our new TA Valley Truss application such as ‘Push-on’ fit which allows the truss anchor to be retained in position prior to nailing and the elimination for a pre-cut angle barer to support the valley truss or pre-cut angle to valley truss. This new application saves time while simplifying valley truss application, making this a great solution for housebuilders.  

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