Comfort without compromise with Isover Spacesaver Plus

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Isover Spacesaver Plus insulation is a comprehensive solution for enhanced thermal comfort in our homes. It boasts advanced thermal properties (thermal conductivity 0.040 W/m.K) that improve comfort and home owner satisfaction by reducing heat loss in winter and limiting heat gain in summer. Isover Spacesaver Plus helps to create more comfortable living spaces through stabilisation of indoor temperatures, as well as improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills. Further to that it focuses on an often-overlooked aspect of building materials – the installer experience.

The pre-perforated design of the rolls at standard widths (3 x 386 and 2 x 580mm) greatly simplifies the process of cutting and fitting the insulation. This pre-perforation aligns with common joist spacing, thereby reducing the need for extensive measuring and cutting on-site, which can be both time-consuming and prone to errors.

A versatile product, Isover Spacesaver Plus is suitable for a wide range of applications including installation in suspended timber ground floors, flat roofs, standard joists, and rafters. This means that installers can use the same product across various projects, reducing the need for specialised training or tools for different installation scenarios.

Made from up to 82% recycled glass and produced using 100% renewable electricity, Isover Spacesaver Plus offers reduced environmental impact. This focus on sustainability, combined with enhanced installer experience features, positions Isover Spacesaver Plus as a top choice for both thermal efficiency and installation ease.

We care about building better for people and the planet.

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