Environment Bank: Biodiversity Units from England’s broadest network of BNG Habitat Banks


Environment Bank is a trusted national brand with secure BNG solutions to offer developers a clean break from all liabilities. Delivering gains for nature across England, EB provide nationwide access to high-integrity off-site Biodiversity Units.

Since the Environment Act 2021 passed, EB has been hard at work creating a national network of Habitat Banks – generating the off-site Biodiversity Units required by developers to satisfy their stringent BNG planning requirements.

Designed by leading ecologists, these award-winning Habitat Banks deliver the best possible outcomes for nature off-site – making on-site green spaces available to use for amenities designed with people in mind.

Not only fulfilling BNG legislation, EB’s Habitat Banks support local nature recovery strategies, job creation, sustainable development, and the cultivation of thousands of acres of green space for communities to enjoy.

The most effective off-site BNG solution

EB’s unique, fully funded model guarantees BNG delivery for 30 years – including all habitat creation, management, monitoring, and reporting to the local planning authority.

EB’s Chartered Planners deliver structured BNG support from the very beginning to ensure nationally consistent outcomes – providing a reliable and cost-effective route through planning obligations.

  • Environment Act 2021 compliant
  • Ecological best practice followed
  • Long-term monitoring and funding delivered
  • Governed under s106 agreements
  • Expert support for biodiversity gain plans, planning applications, and appeals

To discover more about their Biodiversity Units, explore their expanding Habitat Bank network, and enquire about their specialist BNG support, visit their website.