Sustainable Production at EGGER


Sustainable production has always been at the forefront of what we do at EGGER. Our environmental objective is to produce quality products that are fit for purpose, with as little impact as possible on the environment. 

We implement a number of sustainable practices to minimise our environmental impact during the production of our EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring boards.  

Raw material for our structural flooring boards is sourced from timber harvested from forests certified according to PEFC and FSC, and we only buy timber from verified suppliers. 

As one of the largest users of recycled timber in the UK wood panel industry, our subsidiary company, Timberpak Ltd sources 95% of our recycled material requirement. This offers the construction, manufacturing and waste industries a sustainable solution for waste wood, as it used to manufacture our Advanced Structural Flooring Boards and other UK wood-based products. 

Make informed decisions about the products you choose for your projects. All of our products, including the Advanced Structural Flooring Boards, have useful environmental performance indicators that make us, and therefore you, more transparent. Our environmental indicators display the type of wood-based material used to produce our products, and also show the percentage of renewable resources used. 

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