co2Solar is a family run Midlands based company providing professional, cost-effective electrical and renewable energy installations that significantly reduce the installation costs and fuel bills and carbon footprints, of businesses, organisations and individuals – as well as enabling these groups and individuals to take advantage of the fantastic government incentives available – the Feed In Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive.

Founder and Managing Director Paul Hutchens established Eco2Solar in 2007 to address the threat of climate change, by reducing CO2 emissions and fuel shortages through the application of solar energy. Since then, we have added a number of other products and services; particularly a full electrical package for new build housing.

Eco2Solar has grown rapidly since 2007, expanding to become a significant Worcestershire based employer in a little over 8 years. As passionate solar power enthusiasts, Eco2Solar fully believe in our technology’s financial and environmental benefits. And as an experienced, expert and professionally run family business, we pride ourselves on delivering on time, on budget- every time.


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