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The last place a person would expect to find things that can cause them harm is in their home. Their pride and joy. Their work, rest and play hub. Their comfort zone.

Yet, 97% of UK homes are affected by air pollution that breaches at least one of the Global Air Quality Guidelines produced by the World Health Organisation¹.

That’s why providing clean indoor air is so important. Customers rightfully expect to be safe and secure in their most personal of personal spaces, and with new house-building regulations prioritising ventilation during the housebuilding process², it’s the job of the industry to provide solutions.

With walls and ceilings being the largest exposed surface areas in properties, the choice of plasterboard and plaster products used can significantly improve the quality of air inside a property.

British Gypsum’s high-performance finish plaster, ThistlePro® PureFinish with ACTIVair® technology, provides the conditions to make indoor air healthier by absorbing and breaking down formaldehyde, one of the most common airborne pollutants*.

ThistlePro can be applied to any homebuilding project, setting in just an hour and a half, converting formaldehyde into harmless compounds so it can't be released back into the room, if the footprint of each property is covered.

It is proven to be adaptable in the fight against air pollution, working with breathable emulsion paints and being receptive to redecoration, time and time again, setting customers up with healthy air for years to come in their new home.

Offering the same fire and durability performance as standard plasters, with the added benefit of ACTIVair technology, ThistlePro PureFinish is a premium product that can provide long term customer satisfaction.

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* Formaldehyde reduction is based on experimental data following ISO16000-23 standards from 0.4m2 to 1.4m2 installed/m3 room. Lifetime has been confirmed experimentally and analytically on a commercial board sample in the frame of a collaborative work with independent certified body ULE and Pr J.Zhang, University of Syracuse, expert in Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, Mechanical ventilation and indoor air quality.

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