A Breath Of Fresh Air From British Gypsum


A home is where people work, rest and play. It’s where we spend most of our time, 90% of which is inside. Recognising clean indoor air is important to homeowners, British Gypsum’s high-performance skim finish plaster, ThistlePro® PureFinish helps to make indoor air healthier by absorbing one of the most common airborne pollutants.

British Gypsum’s ACTIVair® technology will work for up to 50 years, absorbing formaldehyde from things like carpets, paints and pets, and turning it into harmless compounds so it can't be released back into the room. Removing it helps homeowners keep healthy, boosts focus and improves sleep.  It works with breathable emulsion paints and can be redecorated time and time again.

Offering the same fire and durability performance as standard plasters, with the added benefit of ACTIVair® technology, ThistlePro® PureFinish is a popular choice with house builders looking for a premium product guaranteed to provide long term customer satisfaction. To find out more visit www.british-gypsum.com.

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